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Innovation is creativity with a job to do.”  ~John Emmerling

Ice B'Gone Magic 50LB bag, DesignWorks, NH
Bag dieline, Ice B'Gone Magic, DesignWorks, NH
DAZZLE Spring Kit box, Backyard Brands, DesignWorks, NH
Box dieline, DAZZLE Spring Kit, DesignWorks, NH


More than two sides to your story? Let’s use them to your advantage! 


Boxes, bags, clamshells and custom packaging give you the opportunity to use multi-dimensional space to attract the consumer to your product. Deciding what kind of packaging best fits your product and budget is the first consideration.


How we design great packaging. 

We know materials and processes—from heavy-duty rollstock for bags and placement of venting, eyemarks and spot color keylining of text—to working with and creating custom dielines for boxes, clamshells and blister packs. There are so many creative packaging options, and choices will vary depending on your product. We recommend an initial phone conversation so we can better discuss your unique needs. 


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